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Marketing services

We bring a systematic tried and tested way of marketing to grow a business by developing specific strategies, formulating action steps and measuring results to help businesses not only grow but thrive. These dynamic and systematic concepts are not part of the traditional marketing approach talked about in conventional marketing and business books or taught in the Universities. Instead they form part of the ‘street wise’, ‘common sense’ and ‘guerrilla tactics’ marketing school, proven time and time again, to provide business with an ‘unfair advantage’ over their competitors.

Our purpose is to introduce to our clients some of the most powerful business building strategies available and to assist them to literally leap over their competition and dominate their market.

We systematically take the business through the critical actions and elements necessary to develop a highly successful, fulfilling and lucrative business by effectively working with them to create systems, procedures and processes that business need so that they can step back from the business.

Our Role as is to assist and guide business owners and their businesses to: Increase their turnover and profits by finding new customers, develop new markets, get more from current customers and produce a consistent, predictable and profitable return for the money, time and effort invested

Business Environment

For managers to perform efficiently and effectively they have to understand the environment confronting them and anticipate any changes in the environment that might have a significant impact on the overall performance of the organisation.

External Business environment

This is anything outside the control the business that has the potential to affect the organisation from achieving its goals. The external environment can be subdivided into two main categories. The Industry/Task Environment: It refers to the competitors, suppliers, customers/buyers/distributors and firms that provide substitutes and complementary goods in the industry. General Environment: it constitutes the political and legal forces, the macroeconomic forces, demographic forces, sociocultural forces, technological forces and the international forces that affect the firm. Monitoring the external environment and thinking about the critical factors for success will help managers evolve their organisations to meet the demands of the environment.

The Internal Environment

This represents the environment with which the organisation operates. This relates to what the organisation is currently doing and the directional strategies that guides the organisation. Value chain is an effective tool to use when analysing the internal environment. The Value chain consists of service delivery and support activities. The value chain is integral to the search for competitive advantage, when strategic leaders are looking to develop strategically relevant strengths and weaknesses into competitive advantage the investigation should be in the area where the opportunity to create value occurs. It is important to understand the service delivery activities as they relate to pre service, point of service and after service. It is equally important that the value creating possibilities of support services ie the culture, structure and resources also be included in the analysis. The primary analysis of the Internal Environment is to discover the competitive advantage of the organisation and the starting point is the understanding of the process.