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About McDaan Consultancy

McDaan Consultancy offers independent advice on all financial, economic, social and business matters.

We are customer centric; we work together to offer a cost effective comprehensive range of services to both new and established businesses as well as to non-profit organisations, governments and individuals, over a wider range of sectors. Our aim is to support and empower our clients innovatively, to enable them deal effectively to increase their bottom lines hence increasing their potential in economic growth contribution.

McDaan Consultancy Services

Government Consulting



In most public sectors of developing economies of SSA, the skills and resources essential to achieve development goals are often lacking, further the roles and expectations of governments are evolving as their challenges increase in complexity, ‎cutting across multiple economic sectors as well as international borders.


To achieve success in the design and implementation of effective, tailored solutions in these complex environments requires international expertise from relevant OECD institutions coupled with extensive local knowledge to help public- sector client’s ‎achieve important transformations all delivered within a framework of a commitment to sustainable development. It also requires an appreciation of the political, economic, financial and social issues within which public and private sector entities operate.


At McDaan consultancy we apply ‎proven methodologies and cutting-edge thought leadership to enable governments and public-sector organizations in SSA design, deliver and implement strategies that promote economic development and inclusive growth to keep ‎pace with changing social priorities and economic realities.


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