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Business Consulting

McDaan consultancy provides a holistic and systematic approach to business growth and development by implementing strategies directed to 5 key areas of the business such as management and leadership, employee training and development, business environment, product positioning and marketing.

Management and Leadership

Management and leadership skills are crucial to enhance the effectiveness of any organization. The demands of today’s business owners and managers to provide inspirational leadership, manage change and continually improve on organisation’s performance have never been higher. They are required to lead their business through continual change, grow profitability, keep shareholders satisfied, maintain employee engagement, drive high performance, uphold their corporate brand which all requires high degree of skill and ability to adapt.

Our portfolio of leadership and management skills develop behaviours necessary to support business growth and create long lasting individual development. The programme also focuses on how to drive performance by using effective leadership behaviours and innovative change management techniques and also cover the essential interpersonal skills that deliver success.

Our carefully selected and developed skills set have been designed to support your managers and leaders develop the necessary skills to be able to cope with the many demands placed on them in business today. Additionally they will learn to develop a leader’s mind-set thus be able to inspire their teams to want to work for them and with them not because they have to, but because they want to.

We will also work with owners to enhance sustainability and growth of their business by putting in place systems to ensure that management team are maintaining the overall strategic direction of the business. Further, we could work with owners to facilitate an exit strategy whether it be franchising, selling the business or going public.

Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment is the deliberate action taken by management to share information, rewards and power with employees to enable them take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance. By giving employees skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation as well as holding them responsible and accountable for their actions, it will contribute to their competence and satisfaction

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. In an increasingly competitive world where new technologies inspire constant changes that require adaptations, provision and attainment of skills can’t be an afterthought. It can set your company apart by giving them the information and skills they need to meet your organization’s need now and in the future.

At McDaan consultancy we Offer highly effective management training programs that equip managers and business owners to effectively empower, manage and hold employees accountable for their assigned tasks. Our programmes provides the tools, resources and methods to ensure front-line employees perform at the highest level possible

Product positioning

Product positioning is how the product or service is designed to be perceived in the marketplace. It is basically how consumers understand the product offering and how it differs from similar competitive products or services.

To be able to position the product/service in the market place, McDaan consultancy works with business owners to analyse and assess the variables necessary to enhance the image of the product, By using our comprehensive market research we will be able to position the product/service of the business to stand out, outperform and literally leap over their competition and dominate their market.