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McDaan Limited is a private company registered and regulated in the UK. We have been in operation since 2011 in areas of Finance, Consultancy and Infrastructure Project Development. We are regulated by the FCA in the UK with a license number 679772.

As part of our expansion program we have established an effective business model with excellent opportunities for ambitious Individuals to work as business and finance consultants. You will work as part of our team to assist Individuals and businesses across different spectrum and sectors to facilitate finance, enable them to grow their business and provide them with other complementing services as needed.

Why Us?

• This is one of a kind business model very unique to the market and industry, due to its width and depth of scope and complementing capabilities.
• We provide a holistic approach to business start up, growth and development. Most providers concentrate on one or either of finance only or/and consultancy alone. We uniquely on the other hand provide finance, hands on practical business consulting strategies and complimentary services that equip small and medium businesses to thrive and grow. All these services that are highly needed are under one roof.
• All finance needs covered for both individuals and businesses. In finance needs we are better than banks because you can access whole of market lenders, not just one bank and also, we specialise on subprime clients (clients who cannot get finance from mainstream banks).
• We provide a wide pool of other products and services for cross selling. This enables you to sell various services to a client enhancing your income.
• In depth marketing strategies is provided to enable you successfully acquire and retain your clients and also enables you to expand your business systematically and sustainably.
• You will not be tied to a franchise where you are expected to pay exorbitant monthly fees, but you will operate independently and receive 50% of all the income you generate.
• We provide all our training online to be accessed flexibly at your own time.
• You can work on a full or part time as preferred
• This business does not need massive overhead to operate, you can operate from home or office as you prefer
• You will operate under the FCA regulated national brand hence all your compliance needs will be covered
• You will have unrestricted UK wide territory
• You will receive full free administration support throughout your working with us
• All our services are continually updated to meet market demand, so once you register with us all updated products/services will be provided and trained for free.

Do I Need a Financial, Business or Consultancy Background?

No, you don’t, as we will provide you with all the necessary training and ongoing support to ensure you can operate successfully in this industry. The most important qualities we are seeking in potential Individuals are integrity, enthusiasm combined with a proven work ethic and a desire to succeed. These are the key fundamental attributes required in order to run a successful business Once fully trained, you will have the knowledge to enable you to provide the best practical solutions for your clients, with the comfort of an experienced back office support to assist you every step of the way.

How long will the training take before I start working?

The trainings are being provided in modules to enable you to learn by piecemeal. The first module which comprise finance and complementing services will take you at least 2 weeks to complete if you are studying 3 hour per day. After completing the first module you can straight away start working and acquiring experience as you go. All materials, leaflets, PowerPoint presentations etc. have been provided for you. Once you are comfortable with the programme you can continue with the second module of consultancy as you continue working. This consultancy module can take about a month if you are studying at least 2 hours a day

How Do I Find My Clients?

You will be provided in-depth marketing training to be accessed online at the comfort of your own home. These are practical, systematic and step by step concepts which have been proven time and time again.

We cover these marketing strategies in detail to enable you to build a strong and growing business at a low cost. From the syllabus we cover, you are able to adopt some or all of the solutions available or select those that best suit you and your lifestyle. In addition to the marketing training provided you will also benefit from our ongoing marketing support as we work with you to develop specific campaigns, as and when required.

What is covered in the Program

We provide a holistic and systematic approach to business growth and development by implementing strategies directed to enhance and drive business performance We understand that businesses have various needs, and that one size does not fit all, so to capture and cover all angles that enable businesses to grow and thrive, various activities needs to work in harmony.

After a long time of researching businesses needs we have come up with various key services that enable businesses to grow including:
Financial Services
• Business consulting
• Other Business Solutions

Financial Services

We provide whole of market financial services encompassing:

1. Property Finance is finance secured on a property or land. This includes Commercial Property finance, Residential/Mortgage, Re-mortgage, bridging loans, Development loans, Buy to Let and Auction Finance
2. Asset Financing is financing secured on anything other than property. This can be secured on any movable item. These includes vehicle finance, hire and lease purchase, finance to purchase machinery, finance against classic cars, jewellery, art etc 
3. Finance to purchase leasehold, freehold or franchise business   4. Business finance, this covers unsecured loans to businesses or individuals, they include business lines of credit, cash advance, unsecured loans, start-up loans, business turnaround finance, pension led finance 
5. Finance for professional services such as dentists, optical, pharmacy, veterinary, accountancy, legal etc. 
6. Invoice finance which includes invoice and factoring  
7. Finance for Charity buildings i.e. churches
8. Trade finance including Letters of Credit, Forfaiting, Pre- Export finance, Commodity Finance, Import finance facilities and Credit Insurance   
9. Venture capital/Equity financing  
10. Grants  

Business consulting services

We bring a systematic tried and tested way of growing a business by developing specific strategies, formulating action steps and measuring results to help businesses not only grow but thrive. These dynamic and systematic concepts are not part of the traditional approach talked about in conventional marketing and business books or taught in the Universities. Instead they form part of the ‘street wise’ ‘common sense’ and ‘guerrilla tactics’ proven time and time again, to provide business with an ‘unfair advantage’ over their competitors.

Our purpose is to introduce to our clients some of the most powerful business building strategies available and to assist them to literally leap over their competition and dominate their market.

Our Role as is to assist and guide business owners and their businesses to: Increase their turnover and profits by finding new customers, develop new markets, get more from current customers and produce a consistent, predictable and profitable return for the money, time and effort invested.

The consultancy part is made of three volumes divided into five sections which in total are made of 23 modules. All these modules are centred around the 7 McDaan keys which are geared to acquire clients, boost conversion rates, increase the size of customer transaction,build profit margins, increase the frequency of purchase, boost customer retention and get more referrals.

Other Business Solutions

These are some of the Individuals business solutions that we provide to businesses

1. Start Up Business Package which includes Opening personal and business bank accounts as well as credit cards, correcting adverse credit, registering with HMRC or company formation and book keeping services.
2. Debt Solution: We can offer debt advise and solutions to both Individuals and businesses who are struggling with their debts.
3. Trademark Services   
4. Trust and Foundations:  We assist clients to set up trusts and foundation.
5. Wills and Probate drafted for clients to suit their circumstances and wishes.
6. Foreign Exchange and Payment Solutions 
7. R&D tax relief: we can assist client to claim tax relief from the government for the advancement of knowledge
8. Patent Box: we can assist client to claim tax relief from the government for innovation
9. Capital Allowance: we can assist clients to claim qualifying capital expenditure
10. Offshore Company Formation: We can facilitate the incorporation of offshore companies in a number of offshore jurisdictions.
11. Offshore Banking: We can assist with the arrangement of offshore banking through our network of approved banks, located around the world  
12. UK company Formation for non-UK residents 
13. Asset Protection: we can offer protection to businesses assets such as property, machinery, patents, intellectual property or some other form of asset.
14. Miscellaneous Corporate Services: We provide ongoing business support and are able to assist with all corporate matters including such routine items as the change of a company name or share structure, resolution and minute preparation, AGMs, filing of accounts and annual returns, ongoing Company Secretarial support, Reprints of Memorandum & Articles, Completion & Submission of Annual Return, VAT Registration, Amendment of the Articles of Association, Allotment of Shares and the provision of a Registered Office.
15. Insurance for Individuals and businesses: We specialise in providing both business and Individual with a wide range of handpicked policy insurance covers to suit their requirements. 
16. Corporate Credit Correction: Our Corporate Credit Repair service aims to reduce the damaging effects on a business that adverse credit history or inaccurate data held by a credit reference agency may have.  

What Next?

For further discussion and information on how this could be a good fit for you and how you can make the most of this opportunity, please get in touch using the details below.

McDaan Team